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Department of Economic & Economic Cybernetics
participatesin the programThe European Union TEMPUS

The Tempus program - an educational program of the European Union, which supports the modernization of higher education and promotes cooperation between countries partners of EU.
ECOMMIS-front4c.jpgThe program was founded in 1990 and currently covers 27 countries. The Tempus program funds university cooperation in the development and improvement of educational programs, university management, the interaction of employees in science and civil society, science and business partnerships, as well as structural reforms in higher education. The program is one of the longest, its first phase began in 1990: Tempus I - 1990-1994; Tempus II - 1994-1998; Tempus II bis - 1998-2000; Tempus III - 2000-2006 years. Now there are 4 phase of the program - Tempus IV - 2007-2013. In 2011. Tempus IV for the competition were received 531 project applications. Of these, 63 projects were recommended for funding. In the nine projects in the consortium includes Universities, including the National Mining University. .

The department participated in the international conference "United Europe" in Wroclaw, Poland .


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