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About the department of E-Economy & Economic Cybernetics

The department of e-Economy & Economic Cybernetics was established in 1996 to improve training of economics and management specialists in the fields of computer technology, new information technologies, and economic-mathematical methods for studying economic systems.


The main departments activities are:
  • in the field of education - to teach economic-mathematical methods of planning and management, information systems and technologies for students of Economics Faculty;
  • in the field of research - the development of research on systems analysis and economic-mathematical modeling of advanced information technologies in the management of industrial and economic systems;
  • in the field of development of international relations - a generalization and implementation of modern international experience in the educational process and scientific research.

The teaching staff consists of: 3 professors, and 6 associate professors, a senior lecturer and 8 assistants. Teachers with doctoral degrees, have extensive experience in teaching and research, practical work in manufacturing.


49027,Dnipro,av. DmytroYavornytsky, 19
bat.3, office.30,29,32
Chiefof the department. : (0562) 47-05-67
Secretary ofthe Department : (056) 373-07-84
Information : (056)744-73-39
Admissions: : (056)745-05-60

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