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Youwantto become a moderneconomist- thenchoosea specialty -E-Economy and Economic Cybernetics"

Todayjust bean economist(accountant,financier) is not-enough.You need to knowmore,beat the intersection of economics andtechnology.Thistrend ispresent,arequest of employersand industry.Thereforespecialtyeconomist‑cyberneticmeets the demandof today,allows you to geta career economistandsimultaneouslyobtaindeeper knowledgein computertechnology andtheir applicationin practicaleconomics. National MiningUniversity, Departmentof E-Economy & Economic Cybernetics invitesyou to chooselife of successfulpeople.

The term of bachelor's in full-time studies is 4 years, in short form (graduates of technical schools) - 3 years. The term of master's studies is 1 year 4 months.





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